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Payment Integrity Analytics
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Award-winning Payment Integrity, fraud, waste, and abuse discovery engine.

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Automated cost containment recovery process with extensive reporting option.

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Exclusive multi-layer data sources and proprietary analytics suite



Mission Statement

At 360 Health Systems, our mission is to empower health plans with innovative SaaS solutions that enhance payment integrity, streamline reporting, and maximize recovery of overpayments. We are committed to delivering exceptional value through advanced technology, comprehensive data analysis, and dedicated customer support, ensuring our clients achieve financial accuracy and operational excellence. 


P.O.R.A., Provider Overpayment Recovery Application, is the industry’s only overpayment solution designed to help Healthcare payers navigate their complex billing and payment data from beginning to end. 360 Health Systems proprietary analytics, P.O.R.A. combines Payment Integrity, Cost Containment, FWA, and Financial Recovery into a centralized user-friendly system.

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More than any other process management solution, 360HS PORA empowers business users to create new automated processes, reports and analytics with minimal reliance on IT staff.

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Increased Productivity

Solution that easily integrates within your existing claims workflow providing a multilayered protection that simplifies retrospective claims review as well as cost avoidance claims management.

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Data Analytics and Decision

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Efficient Medicare and Medicaid rate management through automatic updates with combined built-in rules and advanced analytics with information and predictive model that are constantly refreshed from our intensive analysis and expert analytical team.

Automated processes can only be as intelligent as the business rules that drive them, and the 360 Health Systems PORA platform delivers business rules functionality that far surpasses competing solutions in sophistication and flexibility.

Unmatched Accuracy

Ready to Deliver ROI

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360 Health Systems PORA integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems, to facilitate rapid deployment.

Superior claims cost containment and payment integrity your business needs.

Driving Real Value: P.O.R.A. Results

$346,000,000 Identified

$276,800,000 Collected

One recent client’s payment recovery experience with P.O.R.A.

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