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Intelligent post payment review.

The healthcare payment environment is forever evolving and increasing in complexity. Today, managing and processing claims are more complicated than ever, With dated technology and insufficient resources can prevent your business from effectively managing. your claims risk.  The inevitable result is increased errors, overpayments, and FWA.

360 Heath Services PORA™ analytics suite brings you a powerful new tool to better understand healthcare cost drivers and facilitate better decision-making.

P.O.R.A. was designed to redefine payment integrity, capturing more overpayment than anyone in the market. P.O.R.A. is delivered via a Software as a service (SaaS) model, so you avoid expensive, time-consuming software maintenance and the need for additional staff resources – it's a winning combination!

Innovative Technology

Forward thinking software that drives analytics and creates transparency while reducing the operational costs associated with data management.

Flexible Calculation Engine

Analyzes 100% of paid claims retrospectively, resulting in larger financial satisfaction.


Designed to find overpayments on a variety of claims types (e.g. professional, facility and pharmacy).

Unifying Platform

Combines all payment integrity efforts while streamlining internal and external processes through a single solution.


Real time data, on demand, free of bottle-necks.

Friendly Business Team

Experience P.O.R.A. firsthand

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